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👋 I'm Britni, your go-to friend from the heart of the countryside, raised on the traditional values of a dairy farm where hard work and dedication were my daily life. I've always been a bit of a shy one, battling with insecurities and acne that decided to stick around far longer than I ever invited it to. But hey, every cloud has its silver lining, right? 😜
I've journeyed through various jobs since high school, pouring my heart into each one, and somewhere along the way, I met my incredible husband at a cousin's graduation. Fast forward 13 years, and here we are, blessed with five amazing kiddos, celebrating life's ups and downs together. Family time is my treasure, alongside a good cup of coffee, soaking up the outdoors, boating, mowing, gardening - you name it, if it's outside, I'm there! 🌞
Seven years ago, I decided to start on an exciting adventure, starting my online boutique, Classy Closet VIP. It's been a journey of joy, helping fellow moms look and feel their absolute best. And about a year ago, I tried Seint makeup, a game-changer that made me fall head over heels for its simplicity and natural look, especially on those pesky acne days that didn't get the memo to leave me be after high school. 😏
I want to share this journey with you, to help you shine as the incredible wife and mom I know you are, by feeling gorgeous in your skin every single day. Because let's face it, when we feel good, we do good. And that, my friends, is what life's all about. Let's embrace our stories, our struggles, and our successes together. Welcome to my Simple Design group, where being your most authentic, radiant self is our daily mission. ♥