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Hello and Welcome!

 I am so happy you took some time to browse my online boutique. You are guaranteed to feel confident in your new outfits! So many customers tell me how they always receive compliments while wearing their CC outfits and I couldn't be happier to hear that. I love being able to provide the latest trends that are chic and classy, but yet keep you comfortable and functional all day long!

 Who am I?
I am a stay-at-home mom of 5 and started 'Classy Closet' for something fun to do that has turned into so much more than a "hobby" over the last 5 years! I get so much enjoyment from filling your closets with classy, affordable, and modest outfits. Along with knowing that with each outfit you get, your daily confidence grows. How you ask? Because your outfit really does matter. When you are wearing an outfit you feel good in, your mindset automatically changes and you are bound to have a good day!

What started it all?
I have loved shopping and clothing, since I was young, from going on shopping dates with my mom. Being able to find the latest, trendy clothes that will be versatile for many outfits [plus staying comfortable] makes it that much more fun.

I can't wait to get your order on its way to you! ♥

 I hope you enjoy your purchases and visit often.

Happy Shopping! 😊

 Classy Closet Boutique Outfits for Modesty + Confidence for Everyday Life

A little background and FAQ about Classy Closet!

Classy Closet was started by myself, Britni Bakker, in July 2017. It is run out of my house located between Hull and Rock Valley, Iowa. Classy Closet is solely owned by myself and is not affiliated with any other “chain”. All the inventory that is on the website is exactly what I have on hand in my house and our booth at Center Sports Antiques & More in Sioux Center, IA.

Does certain order placements benefit me better than others?

No, all website orders benefit me exactly the same as being placed “through me” in-store or at vendor events. There is no commission, deductions, etc.  We love website or in-store orders as they involve the least amount vs. loading/unloading, child care, etc. that goes along with setting up at vendor events. 😀

Where do my orders come from?

All orders are shipped and pulled from my house where everything is all set-up. All items and styles are hand-picked and ordered by me. There are limited sizes stocked in each style and typically do not get restocked (other than select, popular items). We like to keep new styles coming in for you frequently and being a small-town limited sizes help everybody to not have the same outfits.  😉

What are Classy Closet’s OPEN hours?

I do not have set hours but am open by Appointment-Only due to being a mom of 5, chores, errands, etc. I am more than happy to open my door for you to stop by and shop In-House! Appointments are necessary to make sure I am home and to plan my daily tasks accordingly to better assist you! Not too often does someone’s requested appointment day/time not work out! ☺

With that all said, ALL orders are greatly appreciated by me and my family!!


P.S. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know! I'd love to chat with you!