Pretty in Pink for Valentine's ♥

Pretty in Pink for Valentine's ♥

Hello Friends!

Diffusing milk?, Notifications on Repeat... it was a night!

But first, the latest launch of New Arrivals, "Pretty in Pink", are so pretty! From Casual Graphics to Everyday Plaids to Dressy Florals... there is something for everyone! ♥

So after a night that included finding out someone had put milk (yes, MILK!) in their diffuser and then an APP notification that decided to get stuck on Repeat... I took my super cute new "Mama" coffee mug, that was just gifted to me as a birthday gift, and sat with some hot chocolate to relax. I mean chocolate really is therapeutic, if you ask me!  😉

I apologize for that repetitive notification last night and if it resulted in you uninstalling the App, Please help yourself and go ahead and reinstall it! The glitch has been fixed and if we didn't find that wonderful, curdled milk at bedtime, it may have been a bit sooner.... technology and motherhood, at it's finest, happening all at the same time is a treat!  🤣

There is a laugh for you all and I hope it brightens your day. ["Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day."] Your orders and these calm, pretty pink colors make me so excited for your new outfits! Outfits that will be stylish and have you feeling confident and beautiful! Now don't forget to get a night reserved for your date night you deserve! Put it on your calendar right now and make it happen, it's so worth it! ♥

Keep your outfits classy for date night and everyday life with these New Arrivals! Sizes Small - 2XL PLUS available.

•New Arrivals Link:

Have a great day and Thank-You for supporting my business!
 Snuggles and coffee plus a super cute, comfy lounge set (coming soon!) are the best way to start a new day!



And so much more, including accessories and bags!!

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