Never Stain Your Swing Set Again

Never Stain Your Swing Set Again

Never Stain Your Swing Set Again

I know this is off-topic, but also know many of you have swing sets for the kiddos to play on! We wanted to share with you this new "stain" method, because who really enjoys the up keep of staining? Not us.

As you can see below, it has been neglected and needing attention!

Swing Set Needing Attention and Stain Before

We found this remedy when we purchased our old wood wheeled wagon. My husband did not want to stain it because that only puts a shell over the wood and quickly dries out. Mix 50/50 Boiled Linseed Oil and Turpentine (shown in a picture below). The Turpentine acts as a driver to penetrate the oil into the wood. Best to do before really hot days as the sun makes it penetrate even deeper. When it looks like the wood is lighter it only means it's penetrated into the wood vs. stain that dries out. The more it's treated the more it soaks into the wood, eventually filling it with oil. Soon it's a breeze as the wood hardly soaks it up and you can treat it very quickly or you may not have to treat it at all!! 

Ta-Da... it has been revived and looks so much better!
Ready for it to be enjoyed and played on in a couple days!

Revived and "Stained" Swing Set After Never Staining your Swing Set Again

Do not allow the kids to play on for 1-2 days. I know it sounds oily and messy but it soaks in and will leave very little to no residue left to dirty their clothes!! 

Works exceptionally well if your wood has been neglected and is very dry because it just drinks it in!!

-- Ingredients Needed --

The only 2 ingredients, well 4 if you include a brush and ice cream pail, to grab at your local hardware store and update your swing set in a couple of days!
Did we mention that it goes on super easy also because you can just slop it on, no streaking to worry about!

Never Stain your Swing Set Again

We also treated our benches that were just as bad or worse than the swing set!

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