Let The Ruffles Talk

Let The Ruffles Talk

This navy top is a statement piece in itself. It is a dressy material with split ruffle/flowy 3/4 length sleeves. This one does not have a lot of stretch to it. It is a more fitted style, some have worn it true to size. If you are bigger busted or have wider shoulders, I would recommend sizing up one. 

Navy Ruffle Shirt 

I wore this outfit to my brother's wedding actually! Nursing mama here had to forget about going with a fun dress and find something that was more practical to get the job done. ;)

These stretch pencil skirts (cabernet is the color I wore with this, as pictured) are so awesome! If you haven't tried one yet, you need to (my customers will second this)! The sizing is confusing as they are plus sizes, but run small. I wear the 1X and roll it 2-3 times, which works good with the wide waistband. 

Stretch Pencil Skirts

Thanks Ladies!

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