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How to Style: Braided Claw Clip

How to Style: Braided Claw Clip

As requested, and promised, here is the tutorial on how I did my 5 Minute, Easy Claw Clip Hairstyle the last time we went on a golfing date! 


1. Put hair into a mid to low ponytail.
2. Braid half of the ponytail and secure with an elastic. Pull sections into a messy, looser braid.
3. Push half of it up and secure with claw clip.
4. Readjust to your liking with the ends hanging out. You can either have them curled or grab some of them with the claw clip as you go to secure it for a more messy look.

Now, grab one, or two! of my favorite Claw Clips here for your next quick and easy hair-do's! 


I would love to hear if this was helpful to you and share how it works when you give it a try! ♥

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