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How to Style a Tank 3 Ways from Summer to Fall

How to Style the Chevron Tank 3 Different Ways that will take you from Summer Outfits into Fall Outfits

Have you taken a summer vacation yet?! We just got back last week from a week at the lake cabin we've been going to for a few years now. It was an awesome week of R&R with the kids. We had awesome weather with only one morning of rain, thankfully.

Now we are adjusting back into our daily home life once again before school starts. If you have been following my stories, you have had a little insight as to how the vacation recoup has been going! 😏


Having versatile shirts that are cute and comfy are a must. Today we are going to talk about the Chevron Sleeveless Top that our customers are raving about.

From the fit, to the material, to the comfort -the chevron sleeveless shirt is a must-have! We have put this colorblock shirt together into 3 different outfit styles that will take you from summer outfits into fall outfits, no problem.

Here are just a couple reviews of what our customers are saying about the chevron colorblock top:

  •  "Love this sleeveless! It is NOT thin so you don't have to wear a tank underneath of it."
  •  "[I] got my chevron tank on tonight!! Love how soft it is & it washes up great!"


Add this top to your wardrobe before it is completely sold out today, you won't regret it.

Which styling outfit is your favorite?! I personally love how well the "Dressed Up" colors all mix together for a chic, fall outfit.

Thanks for following along and we will talk to you later! Have a great day! ♥ Britni


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