How To Style 5 Different Ways

How To Style 5 Different Ways

Can we take a minute to talk about these amazing, stretch, pencil skirts first?!

These Favorite Stretch Pencil Skirts are a customer favorite for many reasons. If you have one you know why and if you do not.... what are you waiting for?! 🤩

They are the most comfortable knit pencil skirt you will own, not to mention how well they hold up. There are multiple color options available. Most customers try one and come back for multiple color options!

The wide waistband makes it easy to adjust the length to your preference. This one I know, as I use this feature every.single.time I wear mine! To be smart, I would just have them hemmed up (which also works great with these skirts I am told!) but... somethings just get pushed on the back burner around here. 😏

Take a look at our 5 Different Ways to Style this Stretch Knit Skirt in the Eggplant Color Option! ⬇

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It is a highlight of my day to get your order packaged up and on its way to keep class in your closet.
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