6 Ways to Style 1 Hoodie into Different Transition Outfits Classy Closet Boutique

1 Pullover Hoodie, 6 Different Outfits

Hello Friends!

It has been a while since I wrote one of these up for you all! We had quite the winter sickness the last 2 months, including mom (aka me) being sick more often than not here. Seemed we would just get the last sickness cleared up and days later someone would come down with something else. So much crud going around this winter... I think it is safe to say we can all agree summer days can arrive at anytime! 😎

To get to summer temps though, we will need that transition season and we have amazing transition outfits just for you!!

       • Today we are going to talk about this Heather Grey Snap Pullover Hoodie Top and how you can style it into 6 different outfits. Each outfit is cute, cozy and fashionably layered with the option to create so many more looks between each piece.

You can watch the video to see each outfit modeled in action or check out the photos of each outfit below.

I would love to hear, in the comments below, which style you like best! ♥

Product links below!

Red Plaid Button Up Grey Pullover Hoodie Cute Casual Transition Outfit Classy Closet Boutique  Black Zipper Crew Sweatshirt Grey Snap Hoodie Classy Closet Boutique Transition Outfit  Khaki Blue Hooded Plaid Top Grey Snap Pullover Hoodie Transition Outfit Classy Closet Boutique  Navy Plaid Button Up Shirt Grey Pullover Hoodie Transition Layered Outfit Classy Closet Boutique  Black Distressed Button Up Shirt Grey Snap Hoodie Transition Layered Outfit Classy Closet Boutique  Mauve Grey Button Plaid Shacket Grey Hoodie Layered Outfit for Spring Transition Classy Closet Boutique


Have that one item that you love but are not quite sure what to wear with it or how to style it?! Just reach out and I am more than happy to help you find what options we can put together for you!

Thanks so much for your continued business and support!!


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